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The outdoor living room

The outdoor living room

Indoor elegance, outdoor flexibility

Comfort under the open sky. Our outdoor sofas combine the softness and comfiness that you love from indoors with the functionality and durability you need outdoors.

Durable to the elements

We've designed our outdoor fabrics to give you peace of mind. Enjoy our vetsak comfort in your favourite outdoor space with our weather and UV resistant covers. Need to freshen up your covers? No problem! All our covers are easy to change and wash.

Your sofa, your way

We believe that every space in your home deserves high quality custom-made furniture that exudes your style and above all, ultimate comfort. Our sofas are modular - in form & colour, adaptable to you, your space and your lifestyle.

Weather resistant



Changeable covers


Nothing quite like having that oasis of comfort and chill just outside your door. Our vetsak outdoor beanbag will make every moment feel like a getaway.

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