Two Seat Sofa Cord Velour khaki

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Two Seat Sofa Cord Velour khaki

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the vetsak

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Not your grandmother’s sofa

Ease. Adaptability. Multi-functionality. And outrageous levels of comfort. The Vetsak sofa is designed for total relaxation – and it’ll grow and transform with you through the years.


With a modular design and changeable covers, this is the sofa for every space and situation


A sofa like no other

Designed to grow

Your space and style are constantly changing – and now your sofa can keep up. Rearrange the modules, re-dress them in new covers, or add more as you need.

Designed to move

From room to room, indoors to out, old apartment to new home: Our modules are light and adaptable enough to go wherever you do.

Designed to last

Our modules are made of materials that are designed to last, meaning this could be the last sofa you ever need.

Designed by you

Fabric, color, module size, and accessory set-up: It’s all for you to decide. After all, it’s your sofa, not ours.

Make it yours

5 modules, endless possibilities

Configure your own Sofa

Get to know our modules and find the size that suits your space. Combine in any configuration you can imagine. Plus, you can always add more in the future.

  • Sofa Seats
  • Sofa Sides

Sofa side 105cm x 31cm


Sofa side 84cm x 31cm


Sofa seat 105cm x 105cm


Sofa seat 105cm x 84cm


Sofa seat 84cm x 84cm

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